Save Money and Increase Comfort with an Energy Audit!

Thermal imaging camera checking a house temperatureAn energy audit is the first step – and arguably the most important step – to analyze and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Here is why: Rather than focusing on a single problem (the heating or cooling system, insulation or ventilation), an energy audit looks at the home as one system. Audit results can quickly pinpoint the most energy-efficient improvements for your home.

Understanding the specific conditions that affect your home’s energy usage helps contractors make necessary adjustments. This is all so that you can enjoy the benefits that include:

Reduced energy bills. One look at your monthly energy bill and you’ll notice your home’s increased efficiency! Most improvements pay for themselves shortly after they are made through monthly energy savings – and energy upgrades can increase your home’s resale value!

Increased comfort. Air leaks exist throughout most homes – you’ll notice them as drafts and inconsistent temperatures. When air leaks are identified, they can be sealed which improves your home’s comfort.

Better indoor air quality. Air leaks allow outdoor pollutants to infiltrate your home. Sealing leaks can keep pollutants from affecting your home’s indoor air quality. Additionally, an audit can recommend ventilation improvements to your home which further offers further benefits.

Environmental benefit. Implementing the recommendations that come from an audit will reduce your home’s energy consumption. This will reduce your carbon footprint and your home’s impact on the environment.

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