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One of the most effective ways to insulate your home from cold drafts during the winter and blistering hot air during the summer is spray foam insulation. The team of experts at DeVere Insulation Home Performance is proud to install this versatile material for homeowners throughout Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area to protect their houses and families from the elements.

Drafty air is not the only concern a homeowner without insulation must worry about. Insufficient insulation leaves a house vulnerable to airborne pollutants, mold, allergens, and more. We have been serving the region for years by offering a full range of residential insulation services to customers in need. One of our most requested insulation solutions is spray foam. If you are eager to install this high quality product in your house, call our spray foam insulation contractors today.

Understanding the Spray Foam Insulation Basics

Spray foam insulation provides some of the best value of any insulation product on the market today. Because of its expanding properties, it seals gaps and crevices in attics, basements, and walls in one step, something loose-fill or batt fiberglass insulation cannot do without adding an additional step. This premium alternative to cellulose and fiberglass is a two-component mixture of isocyanate and polyol resin that can be applied to attics, foundations, and wall cavities. It expands once it is emitted from our equipment, allowing it to completely cover any area you need to insulate.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is an excellent investment that will reap benefits in the forms of energy savings, comfort, and much more. You can rest easy knowing it’s there and never worry about diminishing returns as it settles, which can be a problem with loose-fill insulation. The many benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  • Energy savings – Installing spray foam insulation saves energy. Some homes notice energy cost savings of 30% or more. It significantly reduces air leaks and heat transfer, allowing your HVAC system to operate optimally.
  • Efficiency – Spray foam insulation is more costly than some other insulation options, but it is also much more efficient than its counterparts.
  • Comfort – With fewer air leaks throughout your home your HVAC system can perform more efficiently. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable, climate controlled environment throughout the year.
  • Improved air quality – By sealing any crevices in your walls, attics, and foundation you will prohibit the infiltration of airborne pollutants that could cause allergic reactions. An added benefit of spray foam insulation is moisture prevention which can suppress mold development.
  • Noise cancellation – There are countless sounds just outside your home, very few of which you want to interrupt your day. Spray foam insulation can help dampen those noises so they do not become a bother.

Differences Between Open-Cell and Closed-Cell Spray Foam

There are two main types of spray foam insulation—open-cell and closed-cell—and it is important to know the difference. The team at DeVere Insulation Home Performance can explain the benefits of each and help you determine which will best suit specific areas of your home. Closed-cell foam is a dense material that blocks moisture, making it ideally suited for attics and basements. For added protection elsewhere in your home it can serve as a supplemental vapor barrier. We also offer open-cell foam. This product weighs and costs less than its closed-cell counterpart, allowing easier installation because it expands more in tight spaces. Open-cell spray foam has a lower R-value than closed-cell spray foam.

DeVere Spray Foam Truck parked in a neighborhood.

Spray Foam Insulation Installation in Baltimore

Our spray foam insulation team is highly trained in the insulation installation process which allows us to shield your home quickly and efficiently from the elements. Because spray foam emits odors and air particles that should not be inhaled, we ask that you and your pets leave while our installers complete the task. We will use professional safety gear for our protection. The insulation installation process involves cleaning and preparing the area, spraying the product, allowing it to cure and expand, and cleaning up any residual foam.

Contact DeVere Insulation Home Performance Today

Your home deserves the best type of insulation available today, so ask the DeVere Insulation Home Performance team about high quality spray foam insulation. The material resists decomposition and can withstand structural deterioration over time, meaning it will often last as long as your Baltimore area home remains standing. Reap the benefits of improved comfort and air quality, lower utility bills, and peaceful nights by investing in foam spray insulation. Contact us today to request a consultation.

Spray Foam Insulation FAQs

Q: What are the long-term benefits of spray foam insulation?
A: Immediate and long-term benefits include lower energy bills, a more energy efficient home, improved indoor comfort, improved indoor air quality, a smaller carbon footprint, less stress on your HVAC system, and less noise from the outside.
Q: What is the difference between open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation?
A: Open-cell spray foam has an open cell structure and is vapor permeable, dampens sounds, and eliminates air infiltration. It has a typical R-value of 3.7 per inch.
Closed-cell foam insulation is solid and denser than open-cell spray foam, giving it a higher R-value. Its higher density contributes to building stability during storms and high winds.
Q: Which type of spray foam insulation is right for my home?
A: Your choice of spray foam insulation depends on your home’s needs. Closed-cell insulation foam is ideal for high insulation values and helps with moisture resistance while open-cell spray foam is more cost-effective but less resistant to moisture. The team at DeVere Home Performance will recommend the best spray foam insulation for your project.
Q: How do I prepare my home for spray foam insulation installation?
A: It’s important to clear clutter, cover or remove fragile items, and ensure proper ventilation when preparing for insulation installation. Our installation team at DeVere Home Performance works with you to ensure a smooth and effective installation process.
Q: What should I expect during spray foam insulation installation?
A: Our spray foam installation crew will take care of every step of the job from start to finish. We prep, spray, and shape the foam and ensure proper coverage and to allow for the expanding foam to cure and. Temporary odor and off-gassing makes it vital to ventilate the area and allow curing time. Expect to vacate your home during the installation and curing process.
Q: How long does it take for spray foam insulation to cure?
A: It takes approximately 24 hours for expanding foam to fully cure before you can safely return to your home.
Q: What are some common problems with spray foam insulation installation?
A: Common insulation installation issues include improper mixing, overexpansion, inadequate surface preparation, and poor application. These mistakes are frequently the result of inexperience.
Q: How can I tell if my spray foam insulation is properly installed?
A: Upon installation completion, look for even coverage, proper thickness, and a consistent finish. Also inspect for gaps, voids, or irregularities. A trusted insulation company will ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency of your spray foam.
Q: How can I prevent problems with spray foam insulation installation?
A: For a successful installation, it’s important to trust the job to a skilled professional such as DeVere Insulation Home Performance. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with a member of our insulation team.
Spray foam insulation after install completion
sloped roof with spray foam
Spray foam insulation install
Spray foam insulation on ceiling
Spray foam insulation finished project
White spray foam insulation inside a home's walls
Close up of white spray foam insulation inside a home's wall
White spray foam insulation inside a home's ceiling and walls


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