Meet the Team of Home Insulation Experts in Baltimore

Photo of Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith, Manager

Michelle has established a strong foothold in the insulation industry with her 20+ year career. In 2009, she launched the residential division of DeVere Insulation where her focus has been on enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in existing homes, aligning with the evolving needs of homeowners and the industry’s path toward energy efficiency.

Michelle enjoys helping people any way she can, which is what drew her to the insulation industry. It allows her to help various customers through DeVere’s retail market, low-income communities through DHCD and other grant programs, while also helping the planet.

A passion for making a positive impact is what drives Michelle. As a result, she’s actively engaged with various industry groups and organizations that share a commitment to excellence, including Efficiency First, MDBPA (Maryland Building Performance Association), HACC (Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors), and Women in Insulation.

In her free time, Michelle spends most of her weekends on the sports field with her three boys and enjoys traveling and going to concerts.

Alaina Booker headshot.

Alaina Booker, Executive Assistant

With a degree in business management from Coastal Carolina University, Alaina worked in retail with most of her experience in management. In 2016, she moved from the sunny shores of South Carolina to vibrant landscape of Maryland and started working with DeVere Home Performance. Aliana enjoys being surrounded and supported by an exceptional team and the opportunities for personal and professional development that DeVere provides. In her spare time, she unwinds by cultivating her garden, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends. As an avid animal lover, her dog Ollie is a faithful sidekick to Aliana and her husband.

Ashley Bowers headshot.

Ashley Bowers, Estimator

Ashley Bowers was born in Baltimore but raised in South Carolina. Hard work is in her blood—at the time of her high school graduation she already had four years of work experience under her belt. Her career began in sales where she invested much of her time in training including Dale Carnegie Sales Training. Ashley’s strong work ethic helped her quickly grasp the technical skills needed to help customers.

Her skills were noticed by DeVere Insulation’s management team and she joined the company in September 2014. She is committed to working with each customer to meet their needs.

Tano Gomez headshot.

Atanacio (Tano) Cervantes-Gomez, BPI Certified Energy Auditor and QCI

Tano has been a valued member of the DeVere Home Performance team since 2011, when he started as a crew supervisor. He then began performing energy audits and in 2022 became BPI Energy Auditor certified. A believer of the adage that “success doesn’t come to you, you must work for it,” Tano exceeded his own expectations when he became a BPI certified energy auditor. He is thankful for his managers and teammates and is very happy in his role. His favorite part of his job is working with customers and helping them find ways to make their home more energy efficient.

A family man, Tano loves to spend time with his wife and kids.

John Cole, BPI Certified Energy Auditor and QCI

John brings over 35 years of experience in construction as a crew supervisor to his new position with DeVere Home Performance. He has known many of the DeVere Home Performance staff for over a decade and loves the culture and work ethic of the team so much he jumped at the chance to become a part of the team. John is excited about the many things he’s learned and says he’s learned more in his first few months with DeVere Home Performance than he’s learned in years. He loves working in a cohesive, fast-paced environment with a lot of potential for growth where he can help customers have a healthy, comfortable home. He and his wife of over 30 years spend their free time dancing and riding bikes and have two grown sons they are extremely proud of.

Danae Darpino headshot.

Danae Darpino, Lead Administrative Assistant

As a restaurant and bar management employee, Danae was ready for a change. She already knew DeVere Insulation was a great company with exceptional service and customers, so she took the opportunity to join DeVere in 2019. Each day she gets to help customers make their homes more energy efficient and working alongside the energetic team at DeVere is a good day!

In her free time, Danae enjoys relaxing with her husband and children, cooking, and reading.

Photo of Alex Kimball.

Alex Kimball, Field Supervisor

Alex, with a background primarily in construction and remodeling, brings a wealth of experience in management and sales to his role of Field Supervisor. Introduced to the position by Justin (a DeVere estimator) after doing some side work for him, Alex found the opportunity to return to full-time construction just what he needed. His favorite aspect of the job is the camaraderie within the team—working closely with both office staff and installers to plan and execute projects, troubleshoot issues, and provide training to diversify their skill set. Outside of work, Alex prioritizes family time with his wife and four kids, shuttling them to various sports practices and events. In his leisure moments, he enjoys playing music and video games. Alex cherishes his faith and strives to emulate the love and compassion of Jesus in both his personal and professional life.

Cecilio Limon headshot.

Cecilio Limon, Field Supervisor

With an established ten-year history with DeVere Home Performance as an installation crew leader, Cecilio desired a change and growth within the company. DeVere managers Michelle Griffith and Joel Windsor felt the same and promoted Cecilio to field supervisor. With his experience as crew leader, the role was a perfect fit for him and his family. His favorite part of the job is helping all of the crews and troubleshooting issues in the field.

In his free time, Cecilio enjoys motocross riding and spending time with his family.

Andrea Niemietz headshot.

Andrea Niemietz, Administrative Assistant/Social Media

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Andrea studied Hotel Management and held hospitality roles across Spain. Driven by a passion for languages, she mastered English, French, and Spanish sign language. Originally venturing to the U.S as an au pair in 2016 to become bilingual, she returned three years later. Transitioning to a new career, DeVere captivated her with its warm, family feeling and growth prospects. In her role at DeVere, Andrea loves crafting social media content and helping people have a better quality of life in their homes. Outside of work, she likes to crochet and macrame, read avidly, and experience different cultures through travel.

Shayne Parsons headshot.

Shayne Parsons, Estimator

As a US Navy Submarine veteran, Shayne joined the HVAC industry 15 years ago. He has spent 10 years in the field and 5 years in sales and marketing. He was drawn to join the DeVere team by the opportunity to grow professionally and help DeVere grow into a competitive HVAC sales and installation company. An on-the-go type of guy, Shayne’s favorite aspect of his job is the chance to be somewhere different every day and to help people get the most out of their home.

In his free time, Shayne coaches youth football and lacrosse and enjoys spending time on the water.

Mariana Pizarro, Administrative Assistant

Originally from Argentina, Mariana’s education is in English education. The decision to come to the U.S. as part of a cultural exchange program made a huge impact on her life. She enjoys working at DeVere and being part of a team that helps people obtain more energy efficient homes and protect the environment at the same time. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and husband, watching reality shows, traveling, and hanging out at the pool and beach.

Photo of Justin Swafford.

Justin Swafford, Estimator

Justin was drawn to his role as an estimator in 2019 by his passion for helping people and improving their living spaces, where they spend most of their time. He finds fulfillment in educating homeowners about home efficiency and ensuring their houses are comfortable havens. What Justin loves most about his job is the variety it offers—each house presents a unique challenge, keeping his work engaging and dynamic. Outside of work, Justin treasures time with his family and passionately supports the Tennessee Volunteers. He also enjoys driving his Jeep, especially in remote areas where he can disconnect from technology and enjoy nature.

Mike Uecker headshot.

Mike Uecker, Home Specialist

2020 was a busy year for Mike Uecker: he sold his successful home performance company, joined the DeVere Insulation team, and became a dad to twins. During his decade as a home specialist, he performed energy audits, installed home improvements, and managed a construction department. Joining the DeVere team was a natural progression to his dedication and enthusiasm for the industry. Mike holds the BPI Analyst and Envelope Certification and is a licensed Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) through the North America Duct Cleaning Association.

In his free time, Mike enjoys the occasional home improvement project as his new dad experience allows.

Todd Williams, BPI Certified Energy Auditor and QCI

Todd has been in the building science industry since 2010. He worked as a Maryland Department of Housing Community Development (DHCD) state inspector for 3 years. His professional achievements include being a BPI Energy Auditor, QCI Inspector, Multifamily Building Analyst, Manufacturing Housing Professional, and Healthy Home Evaluator. Todd joined DeVere Home Performance so he could be a part of an industry leading team that keeps growing and to contribute his knowledge and skills to help the install crews learn more about the building science industry. He enjoys his awesome coworkers and collaborating with his industry professional teammates. Todd’s favorite thing to do in his spare time is rebuild classic Jeeps.

In Memoriam

Amaury Batista, Field Supervisor

Team - Devere Insulation Home PerformanceAmaury Batista was born in Cuba and moved to the United States in 1996. Prior to his move, he was a professional martial arts fighter and also taught martial arts in Mexico from 1994-1996. He began his career in construction in 1997 and gained extensive experience with sprinkler systems, rehab/turnovers of existing homes, and Quick Home Energy Checkups (QHECs). He worked with DeVere Insulation’s Home Performance team for four years, and said his favorite part of his job was helping customers understand the process and benefits of our work.


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