Meet the Team of Home Insulation Experts in Baltimore

Michelle Griffith - Manager at DeVere Insulation Home Performance

Michelle Griffith, Manager

Michelle has been with DeVere Insulation since 2004. In 2009 she became an energy auditor and her passion for residential energy efficiency was sparked. This passion has grown to become a dedicated division working specifically with homeowners to address comfort issues within their home while saving money on energy bills and making their homes healthier places to live.

Michelle is certified as a Building Analyst and Envelope professional through the Building Performance Institute. Michelle is the former chair of the Maryland Building Performance Association.

Photo of Joel Windsor

Joel Windsor, Assistant Manager

Joel has been with DeVere Insulation since 1997. He has worked in new construction and existing homes installing all types of insulation including spray foam as well as removing insulation. He is very knowledgeable in building science for commercial and residential structures. In 2009, Joel advanced to manage DeVere Home Performance’s field supervisors, field technicians, and warehouse. In 2017, he partnered with DeVere to start East Coast Mold Remediation where he manages many aspects of the company’s operations. He strives to help customers solve their comfort and energy efficiency concerns.

If you seek out Joel in his free time, you’ll find him enjoying the outdoors, especially boating on the Chesapeake Bay. He also enjoys hunting and exploring all that Maryland has to offer.

Alaina Booker of Devere Insulation Home Performance

Alaina Booker, Executive Assistant

With a degree in business management from Coastal Carolina University, Alaina worked in retail with a majority of her experience in management. When she sought a company that matched her dedication to professionalism and growth, DeVere Home Performance caught her attention. In 2016, Alaina moved from South Carolina to Maryland to join DeVere. Since then, she thrives in the DeVere atmosphere with her awesome coworkers, the customers, and the personal and professional growth that she desires.

In her spare time, Alaina enjoys friends and family, gardening, cooking, and travel. As an avid animal lover, her dog (RayRay, black Labrador Retriever) is a constant companion to her and her husband.

Ashley Bowers - Estimator at DeVere Insulation Home Performance

Ashley Bowers, Estimator

Ashley Bowers was born in Baltimore but raised in South Carolina. Hard work is in her blood—at the time of her high school graduation she already had four years of work experience under her belt. Her career began in sales where she invested much of her time in training including Dale Carnegie Sales Training. Ashley’s strong work ethic helped her quickly grasp the technical skills needed to help customers.

Her skills were noticed by DeVere Insulation’s management team and she joined the company in September 2014. She is committed to working with each customer to meet their needs.

Atanacio (Tano) Cervantes-Gomez, BPI Certified Energy Auditor

Tano has been a valued member of the DeVere Home Performance team since 2011, when he started as a crew supervisor. He then began performing energy audits and in 2022 became BPI Energy Auditor certified. A believer of the adage that “success doesn’t come to you, you must work for it,” Tano exceeded his own expectations when he became a BPI certified energy auditor. He is thankful for his managers and teammates and is very happy in his role. His favorite part of his job is working with customers and helping them find ways to make their home more energy efficient.

A family man, Tano loves to spend time with his wife and kids.

Danae Darpino - Lead Administrative Assistant

Danae Darpino, Lead Administrative Assistant

As a restaurant and bar management employee, Danae was ready for a change. She already knew DeVere Insulation was a great company with exceptional service and customers, so she took the opportunity to join DeVere in 2019. Each day she gets to help customers make their homes more energy efficient and working alongside the energetic team at DeVere is a good day!

In her free time, Danae enjoys relaxing with her husband and children, cooking, and reading.

Cecilio Limon

Cecilio Limon, Field Supervisor

With an established ten-year history with DeVere Home Performance as an installation crew leader, Cecilio desired a change and growth within the company. DeVere managers Michelle Griffith and Joel Windsor felt the same and promoted Cecilio to field supervisor. With his experience as crew leader, the role was a perfect fit for him and his family. His favorite part of the job is helping all of the crews and troubleshooting issues in the field.

In his free time, Cecilio enjoys motocross riding and spending time with his family.

Shayne Parsons, Estimator

As a US Navy Submarine veteran, Shayne joined the HVAC industry 15 years ago. He has spent 10 years in the field and 5 years in sales and marketing. He was drawn to join the DeVere team by the opportunity to grow professionally and help DeVere grow into a competitive HVAC sales and installation company. An on-the-go type of guy, Shayne’s favorite aspect of his job is the chance to be somewhere different every day and to help people get the most out of their home.

In his free time, Shayne coaches youth football and lacrosse and enjoys spending time on the water.

Cathy Russell

Cathy Russell, Administrative Assistant

Cathy became the newest team member in 2020. As an accountant for over 30 years, primarily in construction, land development, and the energy efficiency industry, Cathy was already familiar with DeVere’s team culture and their affiliate companies. With thanks to Michelle, Cathy accepted the opportunity to spread her wings and embrace new challenges. As part of the DeVere family, Cathy sincerely enjoys working with the production managers on site.

For relaxation, Cathy’s favorite pastimes are painting and scrapbooking.

Jeff Soto, Estimator

With over 20 years of experience in the insulation business, Jeff is passionate about helping homeowners achieve their goals of a healthy, energy efficient home. With a specialization in spray foam insulation and thermal envelope design, Jeff was drawn to DeVere Home Performance because he sought to work for a company that matched his dedication to quality and high customer service. Jeff strives to listen to his customers and solve their energy efficiency issues, whether that be in the attic or crawl space, new or existing homes, he will work hard to identify the issue and come up with solutions.

In his free time, Jeff coaches soccer and loves spending time with his family.

Photo of Mike Uecker

Mike Uecker, Home Specialist

2020 was a busy year for Mike Uecker: he sold his successful home performance company, joined the DeVere Insulation team, and became a dad to twins. During his decade as a home specialist, he performed energy audits, installed home improvements, and managed a construction department. Joining the DeVere team was a natural progression to his dedication and enthusiasm for the industry. Mike holds the BPI Analyst and Envelope Certification and is a licensed Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) through the North America Duct Cleaning Association.

In his free time, Mike enjoys the occasional home improvement project as his new dad experience allows.

Joseph Wateski, BPI Certified Energy Auditor & QCI

Joe worked for the competition before being drawn to the winning team at DeVere Home Performance. With an extensive background in the home performance industry, he has been BPI certified for over 15 years and has worked in DHCD, Empower and other state-funded efficiency and weatherization programs as well as the telecommunications, audio/video, and hospitality industries. He considers himself a hybrid auditor/salesperson who believes that good business is a transaction where all parties profit. At DeVere, Joe feels fortunate to be part of a team of COLLEAGUES—people who have similar experience in the Home Performance industry who he can consult with regularly about various projects and processes.

In his free time, Joe spends time with his family (including his dog!) and adds to his over 500 stage hours playing drums/percussion with various musicians. He is also the author of the children’s book Frankie—The BIGGEST Dog That Ever Was.

Katelyn Windsor-Administrative Assistant

Katelyn Windsor, Administrative Assistant

Great is how Katelyn defines her life with the DeVere Insulation team: the customers, the projects, her teammates, and the company. As a second-generation employee of DeVere (her father is Joel Windsor), Katelyn is excited to continue the high quality of workmanship and relationships valued by the company. She brings enthusiasm and energy to all aspects of her work at DeVere. Eager to help and solve, she enjoys office work, meeting and talking with customers, and making the people she encounters smile each day.

In her free time, Katelyn enjoys camping, fishing, and traveling with her family.

In Memoriam

Amaury Batista, Field Supervisor

Team - Devere Insulation Home PerformanceAmaury Batista was born in Cuba and moved to the United States in 1996. Prior to his move, he was a professional martial arts fighter and also taught martial arts in Mexico from 1994-1996. He began his career in construction in 1997 and gained extensive experience with sprinkler systems, rehab/turnovers of existing homes, and Quick Home Energy Checkups (QHECs). He worked with DeVere Insulation’s Home Performance team for four years, and said his favorite part of his job was helping customers understand the process and benefits of our work.


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