They were professional and clean. These are great folks to work on your house.


We had a flawless experience working with Devere’s Home Performance Division! From my very first phone call with Bill Dennis and Michelle Griffiths, I felt comfortable that this company knew what they were talking about. Michelle took all of our concerns very seriously about getting spray foam insulation in our attic. We took every precaution necessary so I wouldn’t react to the chemicals that were being sprayed. We were also pleasantly surprised that she was able to give us a better price than other spray foam companies in the area. I cannot say enough good things about our experience…everyone including the technicians were professional and trustworthy. Devere conducts background checks on its workers which was comforting to us, since homeowners cannot be in the house during or directly after the job. We felt like Michelle and Bill took total care of us and we are eternally grateful! Thank you DeVere!


This organization is absolutely amazing! They provide full service- Andrea called to schedule the service and told me what to expect when the representative would be here. They gave me his ETA. He arrived on time. They assessed the house. Scheduled the service. Told me what to expect. Gave me an ETA. Arrived on time again. Prepped the house with drapes and plastic. Nick went above and beyond by cleaning the HVAC system coils. They, Santiago, Mario, Nick, etc were meticulously clean, professional, respectful, and kept me abreast of each job and their lunch breaks. I felt comfortable with them in my home. They explained what they did and how everything works at the end. Told me to call with any questions. The inspector, John, came out to check the work and he was just as professional, respectful, knowledgeable and friendly! This organization is an A+. He answered questions that I had time to think about and did a few extra things around the house. What an amazing team! And woman owned company which they take pride in!


This organization is absolutely amazing. The guys they sent out to do the work [were] on time and they did an amazing job. I recommend them to anyone. Big big shout out to DeVere Insulation.


I had a great experience with this company the people that came were very hard workers and very professional and completed the job in a timely manner, they cleaned up everything very nicely after it was completed, they were very helpful and I’m very grateful for everything they have done.


The rep did not try to sell me, but acted as an advisor. Santiago and his team did the work professionally. They were hard working, and respectful of our home. They did a great job.


This is a first class company. From the initial assessor to the guys that do the work-very professional. I had two days of mold remediation done in my attic and two days of air sealing and insulation work. Jesus Diaz was the foreman and his crew showed up on time and worked non-stop each day. Everyday a supervisor came to the site to check on the crew and to make sure I was satisfied with the work. My assessor, Ashley Bowers, kept me informed and did a great job explaining the proposal. I don’t have anything to compare the price to, but it seemed reasonable to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to friends and family.


We are writing to you today to tell you how pleased we have been with the insulation work you and your company have provided us. Your presentation and communications were top notch. The price was very reasonable. The installation and crew were professional and communicated the process and answered all questions. The results have been dramatic, with a two-degree difference on the second floor. Also, we feel fortunate to have had Freddie Striano as the representative from Bay Sun. We had a great rapport with him and made the decisions easy.. Thank you for everything you did for us, and we will recommend you and your company in the future.

Bob and Bernadette

I was introduced to Giovanny and his team through Edge Energy and the Pepco energy audit. They vacuumed out 40 year old cellulose attic insulation, inspected the ceiling for leaks and sealed them, then blew in 14 inches of fiberglass insulation. The team was friendly, professional, and clean. I am looking forward to lower heating bills this winter!


From start to finish DeVere [ Home Performance ] was amazing to work with. From the energy audit to installation to follow-up inspection. They were very thorough in explaining how the insulation was going to be done. Their work is impeccable. There are areas of my house that are insulated that I didn’t even know needed insulation. They cleaned my attic and garage after the installation of the insulation. I highly recommend using this company.


I highly recommend this company. They came out to do an energy audit, and Anthony did a fantastic job. He was thorough, he told us exactly what he was doing and what he was learning, and he patiently answered all of our questions.

He mentioned that he really liked his job and that certainly showed. I wish I could hire this company to do painting, electrical work, and other things we need contractors for!

It’s getting harder to find contractors who you fully trust and are fully pleased with. Maybe that’s why this company really stood out.


I have used them several times for several houses and have always been impressed by the professionalism, cleanliness, and good workmanship of the crews.


DeVere [Home Performance] recently completed insulating our attic and the cantilever on the front of our home. Every person I spoke with at DeVere was knowledgeable, friendly and courteous! Antonacio came to perform the energy audit just a couple of days after I called the office. He let us know what he was looking for and sent the results in a couple of days. Justin gave us an estimate after letting us know what we needed and pointing out money saving ideas. Orlando and Roberto arrived on time for the installation. They are a great crew – polite, courteous, efficient and thorough. The Manager, Michelle even stopped by to see how the job was progressing. This home improvement went great! We will definitely refer friends and neighbors to DeVere! Best of all – our home is so much warmer!


We had insulation installed in our office and they did a fantastic job! They were able to schedule us the same week we confirmed the purchase, and they handled everything. We didn’t need to cover anything up, or move anything around- they took care of it all. I would absolutely use them again.


Devere did an EXCELLENT job insulating my home. They insulated places I didn’t even know [were] there amongst so much more. Great customer service skills and very educated and prompt with all my 101 questions and concerns. I worked directly with Mr. John Cole who made sure everything was not only done correctly but he was patient and made my safety a top priority. Give them a call for all your insulation plus needs.


I have a 1970 ranch home (1900 sq. ft.) [with a] crawl space. Heating/cooling is provided by a 4T heat pump. DeVere [Home Performance] removed the existing fiberglass attic insulation and sprayed 4″ of closed cell foam on the underside of my roof and on my gable walls. My attic (including my air handler) is now air conditioned space. The results were dramatic! Air leakage (blower door test) dropped from 3760 CFM to 1170 CFM. Since August, my electricity usage has dropped 27.5% (Note: I have an air-conditioned shop and a pool drawing power too, so the energy savings on the house is actually better than 27%) I got a power company rebate for ~ 30% of the foam installation cost soon after installation. The house is much more comfortable (fewer drafts?). I’m very pleased with this investment. DeVere [Home Performance] did a great job.


DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] did the most amazing job insulating our entire attic space. Our heating and cooling systems did not seem to be working well but after the work was done in the third floor attic space the upstairs 2nd and 3rd floors are much cooler and the temperature stays at an even setting. In addition to doing a great job they were professional and very polite. I highly recommend this company!


DeVere [Home Performance] added insulation to my attic. Ashley came out to do the initial inspection and measurements. She was very professional and quick to answer any questions. Atanacio did the door testing, he was very nice. The people who put the insulation in were nice and seemed to do a great job.


DeVere [Home Performance] installed attic insulation during the summer even though it was one of the hottest days. We are very happy with the work and how fast it was completed. We would recommend to anyone that needs attic insulated.


DeVere’s personnel did an outstanding job. From my first contact with Michelle my experience with my insulation updated was very nice. My questions were answered quickly. I was informed about the rebate program, which required an Energy Audit. The Energy Audit provides guidance and certifies the project was completed correctly. In my opinion you couldn’t find a better contractor.

R. Collin

I had an interesting project that I wanted DeVere to handle. I had a Ford Transit Van that I wanted to have insulated with 1″ of foam insulation followed by 3″ of Rockwool which will resist bunching from vehicle motion. They did the walls and the ceiling and I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail of the installers. The whole process was very professional and complete.


Just outstanding. I was in need of improvement to the attic insulation on my 40 year old house. My AC and heat system have major issues maintaining [a] comfortable temperature on the second floor. I called 3 companies I found on the web, received no call back. My generator service man suggested DeVere. On the first call, I got an appointment for an estimate. Justin showed up on time and he was great. He is very personable, no gimmicks, no pressure. I told my wife that evening that it was like doing business with a friend. He told me the history of the company and how it is family owned. Such ownership was plainly demonstrated throughout my experience. The estimated cost was very reasonable. The crew showed up this morning 5 minutes before [the] scheduled time. They were very personable and respectful of the property. After they finished they invited me up the ladder to inspect. The attic floor is full. There is no room for any more insulation. They left the house spotless. I am very thankful for DeVere’s unparalleled [customer] service from start to finish.

Addendum: I had insulation added to the attic on Monday Temperature comparisons Saturday At 5PM Outside 87 Ceiling 1st floor 74 Ceiling 2nd floor 83 Wednesday At 5PM Outside 87 Ceiling 1st floor 73.4 Ceiling 2nd floor 76.4 SEVEN DEGREES DIFFERENCE! Thank you DeVere! grinning


I got my attic and two crawl spaces insulated. The person who gave me an estimate was knowledgeable and fully facilitated the utilities rebate. The craftsmen who did the insulation did a great job and were very neat. I got my house 50% tighter and will get back 20% of what I paid from the utility company. I would definitely recommend these guys!!


So, I had a couple of dollars and my crib would get hot and cold and I never used the attic but I know nothing changed in it since the sixties. Of course I’m not the first owner but back then they didn’t do any of the stuff they do now. I called DeVere. Once the estimator gave me the price, I was like, “Ok. I’m ready to pay.” They then scheduled me three days later.

I had the little vents put at the soffits, the exhaust fan tubing replaced with and insulated vent tube or hose, the plywood floor and debris removed, insulation added, gaps sealed, and that slick zippered cover over the attic steps. Let me tell you, there is a huge difference in the amount of Insulation that was in my attic. They took it from about four inches to about 18.

The guys they sent were awesome and putting down drop cloths and protection and even wore the boot covers. I’m really, really happy. Huge improvement. And it is one of the least expensive investments you can make.


I had insulation installed in two roof areas and [in the] crawl space… [they] also [installed a] bathroom exhaust fan. Everything was done professionally. They kept me updated [on] the progress of work being done. Technicians were very professional and left all areas clean.


I have had 4 separate jobs/ areas of our home insulated during renovations by DeVere and highly recommend them. All aspects of the job were carried out professionally from first contact, visit for an estimate, work completed on time and in a professional manner.


I wanted to thank DeVere [Home Performance] for doing such a great job on my home project. The crews were professional, courteous, and hard working. The work was performed in a manner that protected my home and certainly exceeds my expectations for quality. Thank you again!


I live in a really old home. DeVere was highly recommended to me. They came out this past week and insulated my home. The people who work for this company are tops – they were extremely knowledgeable, worked hard and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend this company!


I want to let you know how pleased we are to have chosen DeVere Insulation to perform the air sealing work and addition of insulation to our home. We were extremely impressed — first with the professionalism of [our sales representative], who helped us to put our energy audit by Ecobeco in the context by helping us evaluate and rank our tasks; and second by the work ethic and workmanlike skill and competence [of] DeVere’s [installers] who worked an incredibly long day. Ecobeco tested out yesterday and got blower door test result equivalent to DeVere’s. We are happy with our results and expect to share them soon on the [neighborhood association] website we belong to.

Ken and Marilyn

Squirrels got into my attic and made themselves at home!
They had shredded the existing insulation and made large nests in various places throughout the attic. Having the insulation “fixed” was the final step. First I had to have all the wiring in the attic replaced because they had chewed off the insulation. Next I had to have the exterior trim boards replaced because they had made holes on 3 sides of my house in order to have quick and easy access.
Last was the insulation. The squirrels had pulled the insulation from the backing and rearranged it to make numerous large nest areas. In some places in my attic there was no insulation left at all. The saleswoman who came to give the estimate was very pleasant and professional. She spent a good while up in the attic. She explained to me that I had some options. The best way to go (most expensive, but most effective) was to remove all the existing insulation and replace it with new blown in to a value of R49. The other option was to smooth out the existing insulation and put blown in R30 insulation. Because all this was an unexpected expense and doing bad things to my budget, I decided to go the less expensive route.
The crew arrived on the day and time that had been arranged. They worked quickly and quietly and left no mess. When they were finished the crew chief was very disappointed that I wouldn’t go up into the attic to view his work He was obviously very proud of the way it looked! I had to explain that I was 70+ and my days of crawling through small access doors in a closet ceiling were over. He made me promise to have my grandson go up there and take pictures! I was very impressed at the pride this man takes in his work.


A representative from DeVere, came to determine what I wanted done and to draw up an estimate. She provided a very detailed estimate of work and answered every question I had about the proposal. She provided two options for the basement–replace just the damaged insulation or replace all the insulation–and costs for each. I returned the signed proposal opting for the more thorough basement work.
The workmen arrived when they were scheduled to (actually a tad early) and were very efficient and thorough. They even went around the basement and inserted foam batting all along the top of the basement wall (which I didn’t expect) as well as sealing up some areas such as around the bay window where we used to be able to see cracks of daylight. They were finished by early afternoon and swept up the work area to remove any stray insulation & spray foam they didn’t catch with the large plastic drop sheet they had set out. They also took away all the old insulation and generally left things very tidy (I did find a few bits of batting in the garage afterward, but nothing significant). They even had a post-job checklist for me to go over with them to confirm everything was done to my satisfaction.
I did have one minor hiccup with the billing–they actually billed me for the less-expensive option on the basement–but that was quickly resolved with a phone call.


They insulated our crawl space under the roof, the attic, our storage and utility rooms. The staff was extremely courteous. [Your representative] who did the original evaluation, was very knowledgeable and professional. She obliged us and came back a second time to go over her assessments with my wife. The work resulted in a 30% improvement.


DeVere did a complete updating of the insulation in the attic of our 30-year-old house (purchased new). [Their representative] came and did a careful on-site review of the need. She was patient with the many questions and discussed all the options, including back and forth for several days after. The price wasn’t low, but reasonable. Some room for negotiation. On the work day, the crew arrived early. They covered everything in their path, and ultimately left the interior of the house as clean as before they started. I can’t say I was able to inspect everything, being as it’s not a walkable attic, but what I could see looked thorough. The weather’s too mild now to say if it’ll make a difference; only will know for sure when cold weather arrives.


Insulation, sealing and blocking air flow. They worked with me to achieve max savings for the energy credit, and stay within budget. [Their representative] is great to work with.


Insulated soffit overhang and back wall of house. Plus additional room used for outdoor storage under main level of house. Estimator was pleasant and knowledgeable. Price was less than we expected. Scheduling a breeze. They showed up, introduced themselves, explained what they were going to do. Protected the house from the spray foam that they used on part of the job. Tore out old bat insulation, installed new. Cleaned up after themselves. Replaced siding and soffit. Did not leave a speck of evidence that they were here, except for a warmer place inside. Less than half a day. Did wonders! Would use again.


We wanted to keep the house warmer in winter and save on utility bills (we are expecting a rebate of 50% of the total from PEPCO). Their price was good compared to another estimate. Workmen seemed competent and polite. They seemed to do a good job — we’ll find out when winter comes!


40 year old house with inadequate insulation and with improper venting. Very thorough evaluation, work was done at the designated date and was completed promptly, no calls back for any issues. Reduced our air loss by 41%. We are warm and toasty without having had to turn the furnace as of yet. Have referred several other folks to them.


Your field team came today and I’m extremely impressed with the work they did. They were right on time – not a minute early nor late, and very professional the entire time. The lead explained the work he was going to do, to ensure it synced with my expectations, and even had me inspect it between phases. They refused any coffee, soda or lunch, and I’m actually rather surprised how long they stayed on the job; they were very meticulous about their work.
I already feel a drastic difference in the house. Dollar for dollar this is the best money I’ve spent on my house even before the BGE rebates, and the entire process has exceeded my expectations. I’m glad I discovered your company and I can’t wait to have EcoBeco do the follow up audit. I will surely refer to friends in the neighborhood.


They came out and gave us the price and we scheduled the work. The team arrived as scheduled and removed all of the old batting insulation. They cleaned up so well there was no evidence of them being here. The following day they arrived early and did the work. They requested that no one be home during the installation due to the high level of odor of the foam. We have noticed a big difference in the warmth of the floor.


They removed old batt insulation from stud portions of the wall and replaced it with closed cell spray foam insulation. They also installed spray foam in two cantilever portions of the house for both air sealing and improved comfort. In addition to the spray foam they also installed 2″ foil faced insulation panels on the CMU portions of the basement walls.
Careful, meticulous work and I would happily recommend them to anyone who needs insulation work.


[DeVere provided] insulation for our home which is undergoing a complete rebuild. DeVere did a great job of insulating our home. They were wonderfully efficient, quick, and very clean! No pieces of insulation floating around the house. We would definitely recommend DeVere for anyone requiring this service!


The team was here when expected. They were very professional, dressed in uniforms so it was easy to identify that they were from DeVere. Job was well done, the supervisor walked me through everything that had been done before they left. The men all wore shoe covers throughout the service job and then even vacuumed my bedroom, hall and staircase before leaving. I would hire them again in a minute!


My 35-year-old home was anything but cozy. We constantly battled drafts and our den (converted from a garage by the previous owners) which was a three-season room — meaning it was unbearable three seasons of the year as it was either too hot or too cold.
I received four estimates for new insulation work. While DeVere was a bit higher than the other three, their inspection work for the estimate was far superior. I feared I’d have to send a rescue crew to find the DeVere rep who spent a considerable amount of time crawling around my attic and compiling the information needed for the estimate. In comparison, two reps from other companies basically popped their heads through my attic door like a Whac-A-Mole game, looked around and somehow came up with details of what they needed to do. They might be good at their work but DeVere sold me on their thoroughness and professionalism.
That professionalism also was exhibited by the first crew that came last week. After his preliminary inspection, the foreman told me he was worried about some gaps between the sheetrock and the joists. He left the decision to me as whether to continue. I opted to hold off. I called in a carpenter to check it out and he assured me yesterday that all was OK. I called DeVere and they scheduled me for the next day.
Yes, we lost about a week but we gained peace of mind that DeVere was cautious enough to make sure we wouldn’t be sitting in a toasty home and all of a sudden have a lap-full of ceiling. The crews returned today. They started at 9 a.m. and just wrapped up after more than 9 hours. We can already feel the difference, especially with the formerly drafty areas.
The bottom line is you cannot beat their service and professionalism. Dealing with DeVere staff at every level has been a joy.


DeVere upgraded the insulation in my attic and crawl space. I was very pleased with this company from beginning to end. They came out after I had a home audit done and gave an estimate based on not just what the report said but what I actually needed. They guys were very professional and courteous. They explained everything they were doing.


We are very pleased with the work performed by DeVere and most importantly with the results in the much increased comfort level in our home. The positive difference in comfort level in the house is very apparent. This has been particularly tested in the past week with the extraordinarily low temperatures. We are very pleased and would be happy to provide a reference in the future for you. I am also looking forward to the rebate from Pepco once the final test out results are completed.


We completed the sealing and insulation just in time to deal with the cool weather! DeVere’s work has made a significant difference in the comfort of our home.


DeVere was the subcontractor when I had my attics insulated and I was so impressed with them and their work that I went back to them for some follow-up work to seal and insulate the rim joists in my basement and insulate a cantilever bay window. Their crews are super efficient and they do what’s needed even if it’s not spec’d in your bid package because the folks who do the bids can’t always see behind your drywall or under your existing insulation to know what is needed to really address your problems–this happened with both jobs where I used DeVere. They explain what they’re going to do, check in when they reach midway points, and check in at the end so they’re sure you’re satisfied, and they clean up after themselves beautifully. If you need sealing and insulation, DeVere is the company to hire!


DeVere provided a detailed quote to insulate my house including attic, crawl space and basement areas. The quote was very detailed, the sales service very good to explain the quote and process. They scheduled the work on a Saturday so I did not have to take vacation time. The crew worked hard all day and got it done in one long day. The work made my attic and crawl spaces very nice and usable for storage. One area will now be used for a fort for my grandson, great bonus! They were also very helpful with the energy audit which is now complete. This enabled me to get a BGE rebate of 50% of the cost of the work. And they helped with financing too. Great company, I recommend them.


A job well done – we would recommend DeVere to family and friends. They were very helpful in working with BGE for energy rebates. The crews work hard and they take pride in their work.


I had closed cell spray foam installed on 2 cinder block walls in basement. The walls were studded and they spray foamed in between the studs. The service performed was exactly as what was wanted and stated. Will use DeVere again in the future if/when needed and will recommend them to friends.


Our house is over 100 years old. We are in the process of making numerous improvements with a plan to sell in the near future. There is no basement, but a crawl space with dirt floor underneath the whole house. The original, oldest part of the house has a stone foundation while the newer, rear of the house has cinderblock foundation. The newer part has fiberglass insulation batting between the floor joists but there were numerous water pipes for a bathroom and baseboard hot water heat that were un-insulated. The old part of the house also had numerous un-insulated water pipes and no insulation at all between the floor joists. Since this is a very old house, the crawl space access is just that – crawling on hands and knees or in some cases laying on your back or stomach, no light, dirty and dusty. Clearly not a pleasant task.
I then called DeVere. They were very professional in my initial call, taking my information and connecting me with one of their estimators, Ashley. She called me that same day and we set up an appointment for a few days later. Ashley was very professional and knowledgeable. We have a small hatchway in the exterior foundation which is the crawl space access. She got under the house with her flashlight and looked it all over. She explained everything to me and gave me multiple options. I received the estimate via email the next afternoon. We felt the price was fair for the scope of the job, but we had a few questions and clarifications and emailed them back. Ashley promptly answered our questions and we asked her to put us on the schedule as soon as they could accommodate us. We were able to get a crew to come out on the following Thursday. They gave us a window of between 10am-2pm. Since the crawl space is accessible from the outside of the house, I asked if they needed someone to be home (one of us needing to take time out from work again). I was told the crew would be able to work without a homeowner being there, which was very helpful to us. Also very importantly, no one tried to up-sell me with additional services, like a house energy audit, that I did not need and had not requested.
They day before the job, I received a call from their office as promised. The day of the job I received a call from the job foreman giving me an estimated time of arrival, within their window as promised. I was actually out of town that day and my wife was at work, so no one was there to observe any of the workers.
When I returned home from my trip I was able to get into the crawl space and inspect the job. What I observed is that they had done everything that we had asked them to, including using wire supports between the joists to hold the insulation batting in place. We are very satisfied with the work being done promptly, professionally, and completely in a way that accommodated our needs at a reasonable cost. Everyone that I dealt with from the company was very professional. I would be happy to recommend DeVere and use their services again.


A job well done – we would recommend DeVere to family and friends. They were very helpful in working with BGE for energy rebates. The crews work hard, clean up and they take pride in their work!
Best of all they did all the testing, paper work and filing with BGE to get us our rebate… which was fantastic!


Guys worked hard, they took pride in their work. I would recommend them.


[The] crew explained everything well, went above and beyond in taking care of unanticipated problems, worked incredibly hard, and did a fabulous job. We are delighted with the workmanship and the professionalism of [your employee] and his crew.


Wanted to let you and your company know that we are very pleased with the work your team did. There is a very noticeable difference between the temperature on the second floor before the work and after the work. Before the work, I’d get about halfway up the stairs to the second floor and the heat would hit me. The upstairs closets were very hot as well. Now I walk up the stairs and don’t feel much of a difference at all. And the closets are almost the same temperature as the upstairs rooms.
So please let you team know that we are very happy and would recommend DeVere for sure.


DeVere followed up on an energy audit that we had done through PEPCO’s program (if anyone hasn’t done this they should). The Energy audit identified air-infiltration as our number one problem and also identified insulation needs as well as leaks through a pull down stair to the attic. DeVere’s envelope specialist assessed our problem which included a ventilated crawl space which was connected to an un-ventilated (yet very leaky so could be thought of as “ventilated”) dirt basement, 120 years old). [DeVere employee] was awesome, devising a method of both sealing the crawl space and basement and installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space and in a very unique and odd basement as well as the attic treatment. At our request, [DeVere employee] was present on the first day to ensure his plan was carried out (crawl space and basement). The crew was punctual, clean and professional. The 12 mil. vapor barrier was installed in a difficult space (crawl) and in a basement that had been partially dug out, left as 3/4 dirt that included a crawl area as well as a walk-about area, and had a 1/4 cement floor. [DeVere employee] and crew foamed the sills as well as many random gaps and holes in the basement “ceiling”/kitchen floor. So far we have experienced only a cooling season and have been very pleased with the result. Gone are the stale musty smells that were drawn up from the crawl space and basement and we have experienced a greater ability of our AC to cool and keep cool the area over the basement. Previously it was a struggle for the AC and never really could overcome hot days. Obviously it was continually dealing with outside air being pulled into the house as well as damp air out of the basement.
Finally, DeVere did a re-assessment, basically doing a follow-up energy audit to determine the effect of the installation and submitted the information to PEPCO for the rebate program. DeVere did all the paper-work and we received our rebate.


Basically, I got three bids and DeVere was the cheapest. [DeVere employee] came out to look at the job to provide an estimate. I received the estimate via email from [DeVere employee] who works in the office. I selected DeVere based on cost and scheduled the installation. I was given a 4-hour start window from 10am to 2pm, and the two-man crew showed up around 1pm and worked all day installing the insulation and did a good job. [DeVere employee] was pleasant and easy to work with.


[DeVere employee] gave the estimate and provided me with great advice. The best was having the lights and walls sealed before the insulation was blow in. The crew knows exactly what they are doing and get right to work. It must have been 120 degrees in attic that day. The crew never complained did their job and made sure no mess was left behind. The difference it has made is unbelievable. I am a plumbing contractor myself on Angie List. I found DeVere to be the best for my project. I did plenty of research before I got pricing this company knows what they are doing. I have reduced my energy use by 35% and my system does not run as long as it used too. The comfort level in the house is 100% better.


Thank you! I was very impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. I was more impressed with your agility to jump up into the attic, but more importantly, your eagerness to get into the crawl space and back room crawl space. Thank you for a job well done, DeVere is lucky to have an employee that represents the company so well.


They did an excellent job. Two crews came on Saturday. One crew insulated under the house and the other crew insulated the ceiling/attic area. Everyone was on time, clean, professional, respectful, and took care with my home and property. They went out of their way to ensure I was informed and satisfied with the results. I am very pleased with the results so far.


DeVere helped me insulate my home. When I called to set up an appointment, they also referred me to an energy audit company in order to obtain rebates for work performed. After the audit, DeVere came to my home, reviewed the work to be performed in the attic, and provided me with a quote. DeVere performed air sealing in the attic and in the basement, and installed blown-in cellulose insulation to R-49. I noticed an immediate difference in noise reduction and comfort level. DeVere’s staff was professional and courteous throughout the process. They even helped me secure financing.


Punctual. Courteous. Thorough.


They insulated both attics in our split level home. They also insulated rim joints in our basement and laundry room. The workers showed up on time and were very professional. They were the cheapest estimate we received, but they were one of the few vendors who helped obtain BGE Energy rebates. They offered the best value for the service.


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you, your staff, and your whole company for the excellent job you did insulating my house last year. The winter months, especially downstairs where it got so frightfully cold in January and February, were much more temperate; the difference was quite noticeable.
However, the biggest surprise came a few days ago when the temperature reached into the mid-80s and I noticed that there was only a 1° difference between the second and third levels of my three-level townhouse. In years past there could have easily been a 5 to 7° difference – WOW! This of course resulted in not just a savings on my electric bill, since the air-conditioning did not have to be turned on, but also translated into a much more pleasant sleeping environment.
Again, thank you very much for all your efforts and great work you have done for me!


The workers showed up on time and were very professional. They were the cheapest estimate we received, but they were one of the few vendors who helped obtain BGE Energy rebates. They offered the best value for the service.

Homeowner in Laurel, MD

I wanted to send you a note to express how thankful my fiancé and I are for Ashley’s help in coordinating and managing our insulation project. We have had multiple scheduling conflicts (on our end) and Ashley has been responsive and accommodating. She was even available by phone and email while she has been sick! Completely above and beyond the call of duty. Our wedding is coming in 10 days, and keeping this renovation project on schedule has now largely been because of Ashley’s hard work. I can’t say how impressed and grateful I am for her help. Pass along my gratitude, and please recognize and reward her, because you have a great employee on your hands!


Representative was on time, very knowledgeable and helpful. She didn’t try to up sell, listened to my need and provided a prompt estimate. The work was scheduled and the team arrived on time. They finished early. Job well done!


Pat yourself on the back… The service you provided in giving the estimate, answering our questions and following up on the project was A++++. Please let anyone who can properly recognize the men who worked here know how hardworking, tenacious, kind and professional they all were. Especially Gabriel, Isaac, Cesar…and Maynard. Others, too, who I did not know by name. They worked 12-hour days on the hottest days of the summer. They paced themselves and stayed at it until the job was perfectly done. 
They responded to questions and solved problems (removing a large board from the attic, troubleshooting and fixing a fan that stopped working mid-project). They smiled and were pleasant the whole awful time. They supported each other beautifully.

Kelly and Tom

DeVere Home Performance is a sub-contractor for ecobeco. We love their work, and so do our customers. We hire them to implement the energy savings recommendations from our energy audits. DeVere’s team has well trained and certified staff who reduce air leaks and insulate. In [a recent project] they took an under-insulated attic and pulled away the flooring, then they built a raised storage platform for the customer that allowed them to keep their storage while making the house more efficient and comfortable. Great work DeVere.


I’d like to say thank you so much to everybody from DeVere [Home Performance] who worked in my attic. My bedrooms upstairs were too cold every winter and I couldn’t use them. I contacted DeVere [Home Performance] and they did a good job inside the attic. Now the bedrooms are usable even if the temperature is low. Thank you so much again.


They accommodated my requests and performed with utmost professionalism. Cleaned up all debris.


DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] was engaged during 2014 to help The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET), with insulation improvements throughout our entire facility. The team from DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] was hard working, and professional in their conduct. DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] worked closely with my staff to identify, schedule, and implement insulation applications. DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] delivered the expected project results, using a professional, and collaborative approach. I am pleased with how well DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] worked with our staff, and students. I would highly recommend the services of DeVere [Insulation Home Performance], to organizations seeking to improve their facility performance, and insulation needs.

Jeffery L. Kendrick, Executive Director
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc.

Excellent pricing and very fast.


Your company has been extremely professional and responsive to my needs during every interaction with every employee since my first meeting with Joel. It has been such a pleasure working with DeVere [Insulation Home Performance]. As a homeowner for 25 years, I have had my share of contractors. Your company ranks at the top 1% for how contractors should treat their customers.


[I] wanted to give you feedback on the excellent insulation removal and installation job your crews did Thursday and Friday especially in such adverse heat conditions. Both crews were professional, friendly and courteous. Of course it started with you at the initial consultation. Employees follow the example of management and it shows from our meeting. It was a pleasure doing business with you and the crew.


Great customer service.


DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] did a great job insulating our attic and air sealing our house. We could feel a difference immediately and they were friendly and professional.


DeVere [Insulation Home Performance’s] personnel did an outstanding job. From my first contact with Michelle my experience [getting] my insulation updated was very nice. My questions were answered quickly. I was informed about the rebate program, which required an Energy Audit. The Energy Audit provides guidance and certifies the project was completed correctly. In my opinion you couldn’t find a better contractor.

R. Collin

Fantastic work, and a friendly, responsive team!


Extremely satisfied with the quality of work from start to finish. From their salespeople to their technicians, they are experts in their field. They are prompt, clean, and fair. I would highly recommend them!


I have used DeVere Home Performance for the past 7 years to provide air sealing and insulation work for my Energy Audit retro-fits. The crews are always on time, professionally dressed, take the time to protect and care for the customer’s home and have an attention to detail in their work that is impressive considering the majority of people will never see what they did in an attic or crawl space. I highly recommend them for any of your home efficiency upgrades.


DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] is a company that I would highly recommend! The work they did was superior! The staff (Michelle, Ashley, and Alaina) were very accommodating and professional. They were extremely knowledgeable and facilitated everything needed to receive all applicable rebates and financing if needed. Doing business with DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] was very easy and flawless thanks to their staff!


My experience with DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] could not have gone better. It started with a professional analysis of our needs by Ashley McDonough, one of your Sales and Business Development representatives. She was on time for our appointment and walked me through the entire house to survey the recommendations from BGE’s Smart Energy study. Several issues had already been addressed, so we agreed to install closed cell foam insulation around the entire basement rim joist. It required removing and re-installing lots of the ceiling tiles and was completed neatly and efficiently. And then the service personnel vacuumed the entire floor area to clean up all the dust and debris. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and look forward to the heating savings we will incur during the coming winter months as well as the added warmth in our basement. Thanks, Elizabeth to you and your associates for the quick and effective work.


We have worked with DeVere [Home Performance] for multiple years and had a great experience. Crews are professional, clean, and have a large amount of experience in home performance. Highly recommend.


The DeVere [Home Performance] team accomplished a large insulation job in ~7 hours. Today we are warmer and much less drafty. Great job. Excellent value. Outside air was penetrating our home at a high level. DeVere [Home Performance] reduced that penetration by more than 40%.


My attic insulation was completed in the time frame that was promised. The installation techs were courteous and used floor coverings to protect my carpets. I really notice a difference in the comfort of my home. Thanks for a job well done!


Very efficient and clean working. Good to deal with.


The DeVere [Home Performance] folks were responsive at all levels, from the return phone calls to the sales estimator to the installation team. The installation guys kept me engaged throughout the whole process to make sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend them.


Great company does a great job. For people who crawl around in attics for a living, they are very professional and courteous. Best experience I have had with any contractor working on my house.


DeVere Home Performance expertly addressed the lack of wall insulation in my 1950s split level home. [Your employee] visited the home to determine the best course of action and provided a proposal to add cellulose in all uninsulated walls. The crew that performed the work was very courteous and meticulous in cleaning up. All work was completed in a single day. After the work was completed a DeVere [Home Performance] technician came to our home to ensure the job was done properly, and then submitted the project paperwork to the BGE Smart Energy Savers rebate program. This allowed me to recoup 50% of the cost of the work. Our house has never felt more comfortable, especially in winter.


From my initial contact with DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] to the completion of my job, everyone I interacted with was friendly and professional. Their employees arrived on time, completed the work, and took great care in cleaning up after themselves. Then, once the job was complete, the office contacted me to tell me they were issuing a refund because they didn’t have to cut an access panel as they anticipated. Who does that in this day and age? DeVere [Insulation Home Performance], that’s who. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!


I was impressed with the work DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] did in my home. The inspector thoroughly explored the attic and crawl spaces in my home to identify where cold air was entering. The work team was professional, experienced and neat. They found pipes that were not insulated and corrected the problem. I highly recommend this company!


Very professional installation; employees were extremely respectful, efficient and careful. They covered furniture and carpets, and did an outstanding job ensuring no dust from insulation install. Great experience and will use DeVere Insulation [Home Performance] again. Highly recommend.


Had an initial scheduling hiccup, but the office quickly sorted it out. The crew arrived promptly and completed our job incredibly fast. It wasn’t a large job, but that they finished everything in under an hour was incredible to us! Overall a great experience and very fairly priced compared to other estimates we received. We will be recommending them to others.


DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] was very professional and finished the job quickly. We noticed a difference in our heating immediately! Our energy credit came through quickly following the insulation installation. Thanks so much.


After checking Angie’s List and with the Better Business Bureau, I called DeVere [Insulation Home Performance]. Within just a few days [your employee] arrived at our door to look at what was needed and to give us an estimate. At no time did we feel pressure to sign on the dotted line. [Your employee] was professional and obviously knows the business. Once we received DeVere [Insulation Home Performance’s] insurance certificate we scheduled the work. [Your employee] and a helper arrived in their work truck and proceeded to rip out all the old insulation and replace it with the new materials they had brought. It was a horribly messy job getting rid of the old insulation but the crew did it without complaint. Once they were done not a trace of material was left behind. The new insulation not only looks great but it does a good job of keeping the bathroom much warmer than it has in the past. [Your employee] and his helper also did a terrific job wrapping the pipes. Neighbors have experienced burst water pipes this winter due to the bitter temperatures and I have DeVere [Insulation Home Performance’s] crew to thank for not having to worry about ours. We could not be happier and just wanted to say thank you.


Very pleasant to have them come and do the work. Great experience with working with my budget. Excellent customer service before, during and after installation. Installers were clean, polite and professional and offered tips for other improvement options and techniques. I will be a returning customer to get [my] garage insulated at a later date. Can’t go wrong with this company!


The salesperson was great and even came back out when I made additions to the scope of work. The two work crews were excellent and hard working. The job was done on time and well done.


They were very easy to work with, responsive to questions. The experience overall was very positive. Workers were polite and took care to leave the house clean.


Excellent quality at one-third of the cost of a big area insulation company.


My attic had lots of issues affecting home comfort. Moreover, our home design is rather unusual, adding to the challenge of getting the attic up to spec regarding insulation and air flow. From initial contact to final installation and follow-up, DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] handled the entire process professionally. They provided a respectful and thorough explanation for what was needed and were responsive to my questions. The crew that did the work was very courteous. DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] was recommended to me by another insulation company after I communicated some of the materials used to build my home… which was beyond the scope of the otherwise well-known insulation company. Very pleased at this point… hoping for better comfort and lower electric bills when it gets hot… and cold.


As it got warmer this summer we began to notice it was MUCH warmer upstairs. Nights so hot we couldn’t get the AC low enough and fans going to sleep comfortably. I mentioned the problems we were having to [friends] and they let us know about the insulation work they did a few years ago. DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] came out a few days later to bid the work suggested on the energy audit and then a few days later to do the actual work. Not only is much more comfortable upstairs we will also be saving on our Pepco bills!


We did the [energy] audit several years ago; definitely worth the $100. You will get a comprehensive review of your home: includes appliances, HVAC, Insulation, Venting & Ducts, Windows, Doors, Outlets. The report is approx. 30 pages; you will find out how your home scores against current standards and goals. At the end; suggested fixes are prioritized, identifying the best/fastest return on your investment if you choose to fix any issues. We used DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] to do the audit (we re-insulated our home – they did the insulation and re-test to satisfy BGE’s rebate). After the audit is complete and you know the problem areas – check BGE’s website for rebates. We saved $2000 (through rebates). We have cut our energy costs by 33% while removing ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ zones in our home.


From our first appointment until completion of the air sealing and insulating of our home we found this company to go beyond our expectation in service and workmanship. I would highly recommend this company and trust their advice and people they send out to do an outstanding job.


They did a great job and were very easy to work with!


I don’t usually give reviews but feel that others could benefit what we experienced first hand. We heard about DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] from the contractor who did the HVAC work on our home. In speaking with others, DeVere seemed to be the premier company for insulation in our area. After using their service, I have to agree. They were extremely professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. Our home is much more comfortable now. We no longer have fluctuations in temperatures from one room to the next and the ambient temperature seems to hold at a comfortable range even with extremes in the weather. DeVere understands the BGE reimbursement program which seemed overwhelming to me and helped us make decisions on which HVAC units to install to maximize the plan benefits. We highly recommend them.


We had a great experience with DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] for our air sealing and insulation work. Every single employee we encountered was very professional and courteous. They explained everything in detail, asked us for input when something needed to be addressed, and made sure that we were satisfied with the work. The crew did a great job at the install, they kept the house neat throughout and cleaned up any pieces of insulation at the end to the point that I didn’t even have to vacuum. As an energy efficiency professional myself, I can attest that the quality of the installation is very good too. I am super happy with the price, the service, and quality of work.


The team at DeVere [Insulation Home Performance] are very professional and responded to all of our questions in a timely manner. The pricing was competitive. There were some technical issues on the day but they worked well to overcome them and finish the job on time as planned. We are very happy with the work and would use them again.


I had my energy audit done and needed several issues addressed regarding insulation, air leakage, fan vents, and so on. This crew deserves kudos for working tirelessly on by far the coldest day of winter. They were unfazed by the weather as they complete some of the work outside. They were also respectful of the space, protecting it with drop cloths. I’ve worked with them through Edge Energy, and I would happily work with this team in the future.


Absolutely great experience! We live in an older cape style house that is difficult to insulate well. Michelle from DeVere Insulation Home Performance made concise recommendations on how we could improve our home’s energy performance, provided a fair quote and answered all of our questions and concerns. We wanted to address our insulation issues at the same time as having a roof replacement, since the roof would allow greater access to the attic spaces that needed work. DeVere worked with the roofing company to schedule the work and put together a plan. The team that came out to do the work was extremely professional and did an excellent job. They achieved a nearly 40% improvement on our blower door test results. We couldn’t be happier with the work that was done.


Orlando and Rigoberto were simply amazing. They were so polite and professional. They explained things to me, they showed me photos of the mess they found in the attic and how they cleaned it and got it ready for tomorrow. I am so impressed at how all the items at my house were covered with plastic tarp for protection before starting the work, and they left the rooms cleaner than they were before starting the job! Orlando insisted that I looked everywhere with him before they left to make sure I was happy with how clean all areas are.


Knew about these guys from the help they have offered to Habitat for Humanity. Wanted their opinion after our annual termite/pest inspector suggested we needed to remove all our attic insulation and replace it due to mice. Fantastic to have Ashley come and check things out leading to much more reasonable solution of some gap sealing and adding some supplemental insulation. Reasonable cost for a great solution. Team showed up on time, handled the mess very well and were easy to work with. I really love working with people who know their stuff, don’t mind a lot of questions and seem to care about what they do.


I am super happy with the price, the service, and quality of work.


My experience with DeVere Insulation was positive from start to finish. They were clear and detailed in their written proposal about what they were providing and the costs. The crew got the big job done efficiently – insulating the attic and the basement and putting in two exhaust fans. And at the end, I noticed I had forgotten to say I wanted the attic insulated over the garage, and the guys stayed extra time to get that done too, even after a long day.


We had DeVere out to insulate a small crawl space under a portion of our home. First of all, out of 4 insulation companies, they were the only insulation company interested in the job given its smaller size. Freddie, the estimator and project manager was amazing. He explained the two options I had to insulate the space, talked to me about insulating the attic in the future, provided detailed pricing for both options and connected me with a mold company to pre-treat the space before insulating. When it took us a couple of weeks to make a decision, he was patient and followed up but never pressured us. He even updated the quote a few times quickly when I made changes and provided proof of insurance in less than a day. The install team was professional and did a great job in only a few hours. I would highly recommend them.


The crew did a great job. They were professional, courteous, and took care to clean up after they completed the work. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.


I’m not someone who frequently sends in these types of unsolicited reviews. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve done so. In this case, I feel that it is warranted, because the overall results of our project have just been so positive. It’s been just over two years since… the DeVere Home Performance team, in partnership with GreenWorks Systems, [improved] the overall insulation on my 100+ year old home. I now have 4 years worth of actual data (2 prior to the project being completed and 2 post completion). The results have actually been better than projected by GreenWorks Systems’ detailed pre-project analysis. GreenWorks had projected a 9 year payback with just under an 11% annual rate of return from the project. Based on my analysis for electricity and gas, our actual results are closer to a 6 year payback with just over a 19% annual rate of return. And in real dollars, our total energy costs have been reduced by 25% annually. Plus my home heats and cools more evenly and is less drafty. So not only were you and your team extremely professional and easy to work with, but the actual results in real dollars have exceeded our expectations.


The entire process was great, from call to schedule an estimate, professionalism and knowledge of estimator Michelle, and professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of workers. My neighbor recommended this company in 2018 and we finally got around to getting the work done ourselves. We are very happy.


A professional installation that resulted in immediate improvements to the comfort in our home. Thank you.


I have been working as a partner company with DeVere Insulation for almost a year. They are very professional and have outstanding insulation crews that get any attic or crawlspace job done in a short amount of time with minimal inconvenience. The staff are excellent and management is very honest and trustworthy. The best part of working with DeVere is their responsiveness on every level. Freddie, Danae, Alana, Michelle, Jaimé, Geovany, and Amari are just a few team members I have worked with, and they are hands down the best in the business! I HIGHLY recommend using the best insulation company in the region, DeVere Insulation Home Performance!


DeVere Insulation Home Performance conducted our energy audit and then installed insulation. Their sales team, installation crews and sub-contractors were all communicative and professional. After the test out, the Pepco rebate was promptly processed and was almost a 25% “discount”, but the quality of life benefits were immediate. The 80-year-old old house was now comfortable and stable on freezing days with little need for the gas heat. One note of caution: in an old house with poor access to the ceiling, there can be substantial holes that will need to be cut to install open cell insulation (see pictures). Have your contractor ready to go as soon as possible after the installation.


They did not try to over sell me, estimate was made timely and the installation quickly after I signed the contract. DeVere repaired all the squirrel damage prior to sealing my attic and installing insulation. I felt they didn’t try to over sell my project but do what needed to be done for a quality job. I would recommend them to everyone.


The estimator did a great job explaining the process and price. The office staff was very helpful. The crew showed up right on time, did a walk thru, and explained the process that they would be doing. What a great job of protecting the carpets prior to work and cleaning up after the work. I now have a properly insulated attic at a great price. Thank you DeVere Insulation.


We had them come to do insulation work in our home and the estimate was reasonable. I have to say they were very professional and took care while working in all areas of our home. They took care of our personal belongings, put down drop cloths to protect carpet and flooring. Wore shoe coverings and masks. All workers were very professional in entering our home. Anything that came up they talked to us. The crew they brought was a total of nine experienced workers.


We have a large bedroom in our house which is partially atop our garage and that room is always hotter or colder than the other rooms. Finally decided to look into insulation. Scheduled a time for an estimate and the technician – Ashley – arrived right on schedule. She gave me good options for the room. I really got a good feeling that I was dealing with an honest business when I asked her about a smaller room on the first floor and she told me it wouldn’t be worth it to add insulation. After I got my estimate, I scheduled the job and was able to get a crew in a matter of days. I was told they’d be there by 8am and they arrived right on time (none of this four hour window nonsense that other businesses give you). Crew was very professional and polite. They discovered that one of the walls already had the proper insulation and they told me and as a result, the job cost was much less. So, in summary: polite and professional employees, HONEST business, and fair prices.


Had the attic and basement insulated with blown-in material. Both men showed up on time, treated our home respectfully, knew their profession, and were efficient in their work. I would highly recommend DeVere to anyone contemplating an insulation upgrade to their home.


I just recently bought my home and the insulation in the home was from when it was first built. I wanted to make my home more energy efficient, I reached out to Michelle and could not be more impressed with the professionalism and quality of work provided. If you are looking to cut on your BGE bills and make your home more efficient. Do not hesitate to reach out to DeVere! Make sure to ask for Michelle. Thank you again for great customer service.


I would like to thank the whole DeVere team, particularly the crews who worked at my home on November 16th and 23rd. The work was impeccable, completed on time. The rooms were left cleaner than when they arrived. Thanks especially to Justin Swafford for coordinating the project and for going the extra mile to make sure everything went smoothly. I am very happy with the outcome.


…I must say after I contacted DeVere the appointment was scheduled seamlessly without any issues. William Schumacher was really respectful, helpful, didn’t pressure me to buy. He did a great job.
Cecilio and his crew arrived on time (early), they put down a runner, wore shoe covers, were very respectful of my home! They were very professional, I can’t say enough about the crew who came to my home on the behalf of DeVere!


DeVere did an outstanding job in upgrading the insulation in my home; I am very pleased with the quality of the work and also the ease of working with them. Ashley Bowers was my salesperson; she came to the house and explained how they work and then looked at the entire house to determine what should be done. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She provided me a well detailed estimate with the various recommendations broken out individually. The work was done in one day by a skilled crew who were very neat and clean. I am very pleased with the results; my energy usage dropped 1/3 compared with the same period last year. Also working with DeVere and their associates approximately 60% of the cost of the job is being paid for by a BGE rebate. As an architect and contractor I am very meticulous about who I hire to work on my home and also on my companies jobs. I am extremely happy with my experience and will continue to work with DeVere in the future!


DeVere did a fantastic job from start to finish of insulating my townhome attic this winter. The insulation is top-notch in every detail. One of the best contractors I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Great service from the estimate through to project finish. Ashley listened to my requirements and captured them in a detailed quote [that made it] easy for me to see the value of having the attic sealed and additional insulation installed. The work crews were prompt, courteous and highly professional. They came in did their work, cleaned up professionally and left. Very high quality work. Would recommend [them] to anyone who asks.


Ashley Bowers is an amazing person to work with. She is professional and so polite. Ashley answered all of my questions with patience and explained the process of insulating my attic. She answered my emails very quickly and thoroughly. I specifically asked for Ashley after a neighbor had recommended her to me. I cannot say enough about Ashley and the DeVere Insulation Company.


I contacted your company in search of attic insulation and was treated with amazing customer service by William Schumacher. He provided me with an honest assessment, provided a detailed overview of the contours of our attic and various options, and worked with us every step of the way as we proceeded with the job. The team that performed the job also performed exceptionally. The new insulation is perfect, and it almost instantaneously produced results and the upper floor of our two story condo is comfortable and climate controlled at the same temperature as our first floor. These results, and the incredible customer service and trust we’ve formed with William and your company, meaning we are now loyal customers. I will contact William for any additional jobs, service requests, or questions on insulation and energy needs moving forward. Great work!


DeVere did my BG&E energy assessment and then installed insulation, as well as, a fan for air circulation. I couldn’t be happier with the people, process, and outcome. After installation, I had a massive reduction in air loss. Everyone on the team, especially Ashley, was excellent.


I recently bought a older home and have been doing renovations. We noticed moisture and heat in our home and knew we NEEDED foam installation installed. My father recommended Joel Windsor, Joel was great, very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. We got blown installation in our attic, foam and rigid foam board for our crawl space and it has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Our home now feels so much cooler and the basement smell is so much better! We have saved money on our energy bill due to getting this done and being more Energy efficient. They gave a quote fast, installed fast and let us know everything we needed to know and most importantly left the job very clean. Great company and Joel was awesome!! Very satisfied and will recommend friends and family. THANK YOU!!!


DeVere did an outstanding job installing insulation in our enclosed four seasons room ceiling. The team was a great friendly professional and we were very impressed how they did a fantastic job cleaning up.


Great Service, quick response, fair pricing, and quality work – we were selling our home and a requirement prior to sale was to replace attic insulation. Definitely recommend DeVere Insulation [Home Performance].


The work performed by both DeVere crews was exemplary. Meticulous, clean, and courteous.


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We just bought an older home and it seemed like the air conditioner would never shut off, so we called DeVere Insulation Home Performance for an estimate. Joel Windsor came to our home and checked it all out. He suggested we should start out by doing an energy audit to the house which put us into the BGE energy rebate program. Joel was extremely professional and had an outstanding level of knowledge on all aspects of our home’s current performance. Joseph Wateski came out and did the energy audit efficiently and thoroughly. Joseph was very friendly, knowledgeable, and quickly went through every area of our home. They are great assets to DeVere Home Performance. They gave us options on what could be done to our home to make it more efficient. They explained everything they were going to do, and performed everything in a thorough manner with pictures and data to support their initial findings. Great job – everybody was on time and the workers were efficient, clean, courteous wonderful people. We could not be happier with their work. With the rebate we got a very good project done for a good price. The BGE rebate program gave us like 60% back from our original price, what a deal. Joseph Wateski stayed in touch with us until we received our rebate check. Great company to work with. We highly recommend DeVere Home Performance! Thanks again.


We were so happy with DeVere. They were friendly, easy to work with, and very professional. They made it simple for us from start to finish. The installation group was also thorough and took the time to explain the job along the way. Would highly recommend! Excellent work!


From the moment I contacted DeVere, everyone I spoke to and worked with was great! Ashley Bowers came to the house and was here for an hour inspecting our crawl space and attic space and answered all of the questions that I had that day. Once she received our energy audit from BGE, she had the quote and recommendations emailed to me in a timely manner. I had many questions (this is the first time I had ever talked about insulation before) and Ashley did her best to answer everything for me. The woman handling the scheduling was prompt and efficient, all follow up calls and reminders were made to make sure we knew who was coming and when. All of the gentlemen who came to the house to perform the work needed were very respectful of our house and time. Talk about hard workers…they put in long hours and never stopped except for a lunch break. Anytime I had a question about the work being done, someone always took the time to answer on site. I highly recommend this company for the work we had done…crawl space remediation and sealing, and new insulation in our attic spaces and knee walls. They came highly recommended and I can see why. I have already given their name to two of my neighbors who are considering having similar work done.


Great. Work!!


The crew was excellent and their work was too.


We used this company to weatherproof attic space, lay flooring and convert the area into a large storage closet. It all worked out great


DeVere provided attic insulation for two houses. They were able to provide different options to fit the budget. They were knowledgeable, effective, and reasonably priced. I would definitely call them again for another project.


Highly recommend DeVere [Home Performance] for any insulation work. We used DeVere to insulate our attic and kneewalls with loose fill insulation. They were professional, showed up on time and completed the job in the same day. They did a great job laying down plastic covering on the floor and cleaning up after themselves – could not even tell they were there afterwards. During this winter, we have noticed dramatically better heat retention in our house – our house feels warmer / less drafty and our natural gas bill is ~30 – 40% lower than same time last year (and we set the temperature the same).


I just wanted to tell you what a great job the two crews did for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of installers. Polite, courteous, hard working, etc. They even took away their trash! Please pass along my praises to the installation crews. They should know how much they were appreciated – – at least by me. Keep up the good work. Another quality job from DeVere! Thanks again from a satisfied customer.


DeVere Insulation did an amazing job taking care of my family’s new house and making it warmer during these cold winter days. They were professional and always [gave] extra effort to communicate as they completed the project. They worked hard and the results were [noticed] from day [one]. Excited to be able to hold in our heat and AC on the hottest and coldest of days.


Insulation services were awesome. So professional and clean.


My upstairs was always cold in the winter, too hot in the summer.
After waiting years, I needed to have the attic insulated. After asking on the neighborhood chat group, multiple neighbors recommended DeVere insulation. They came promptly, gave me an estimate, and a possible installation date. They were less expensive than two other estimates I had gotten, had a quicker installation date. The installation crew came early, put down covering on my floors. They were actually pretty quiet. Afterward, we walked through the upstairs, making certain there were no cracks in my ceiling. They left everything neat, clean. I could feel the difference in the temperature the same day. Totally satisfied with their service.


We first learned about DeVere Insulation as we were working with BGE to do an energy inspection of our home. DeVere sent a wonderful crew to do the inspection and they were so professional and knowledgeable. After that, we worked with an estimator to actually discuss the different repairs/upgrades that would enhance our home’s energy efficiency. We received the report in a very timely manner and were talked through all our options and how what we chose would affect any benefits from BGE. We scheduled our chosen services and the day before, a specific vehicle needed for our service was having issues and the office contacted me numerous ways until I was able to get back to them to confirm I understood the changes. They had me back on the schedule just a few days later. The day of our insulation and weather stripping went smoothly and OH MY GOSH, our first floor no longer has three different temps! We didn’t know what to expect from the weather stripping when we decided to get it but it looks wonderful, heavy duty and most importantly, it works great. THANK YOU!



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