Blown-In Insulation

Blown-In Insulation in Baltimore, MD

If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality insulation solution for your home, consider blown-in insulation. Blown-in insulation can be added to attics over the top of existing insulation or dense-packed into walls of existing homes. Fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation can be installed as blown-in insulation. For more information on blown-in insulation, contact our insulation professionals at DeVere Insulation Home Performance to schedule a consultation today!

What is Blown-In Insulation?

Blown-in insulation refers to any type of insulation that is “blown in” over an area in order to insulate it. Compared to batt and roll insulation products, which is installed in pieces, there are different types of blown-in insulation, including loose-fill fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation.

  • Loose-Fill Fiberglass: Unlike batted fiberglass, loose-fill fiberglass is blown-in like snow to cover small nooks and crannies more effectively. Often, loose-fill fiberglass is contained with netting. It has an R-Value of 3.2 – 4.2.
  • Cellulose: Cellulose insulation consists of recovered or recycled newsprint and/or corrugated cardboard and has an R-Value of 3.5. Cellulose is one of the most eco-friendly blown-in insulation products.

The Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation has several benefits over conventional batt and roll insulation. Blow-in insulation is able to cover small nooks and crannies better than batt and roll insulation. It is easy to install over the top of existing insulation in attics.

Blown-in Insulation at DeVere Insulation Home Performance

Here at DeVere Insulation Home Performance, we proudly provide all types of blown-in insulation to homes across the greater Baltimore, MD area. Our technicians are experienced, thorough and efficient. Fully licensed and insured, we’re dedicated to bringing you the industry’s best in home insulation products and services. If you are unsure of which blown=in insulation product will be best for your home, we encourage you to contact our professionals to set up a complimentary home consultation today!

To learn more about our blown-in insulation products, and to schedule a free consultation with our Baltimore, MD home insulation professionals, contact our team at (443) 797-6635.


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