Dreading Allergy Season? Air Seal your Home!

Woman having allergic rhinitisSpring is in the air! If you suffer from allergies, you may know that better than most. Spring means grass and plants are in bloom, sending pollen and other allergens through the air that can make allergy sufferers miserable.

Air sealing your home is one way to help reduce indoor allergens. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, air sealing can help keep pollen, dust and other irritants out of your home.

The shell of your home (also known as the envelope) has penetration points. These exist around things like ducts, chimneys and between building materials (studs, framing, etc.). These points allow air to enter and exit the home, and can draw outside pollutants and irritants into the air inside your home. Air sealing these penetration points helps keep outside air and allergens out of your home. Air sealing your home has other benefits:

Lower bills. Sealing air leaks keeps air that has already been heated or cooled inside your home. Your heating and cooling system has to work less to maintain your home’s interior temperature, which can result in lower energy bills.

More comfort. Pests, dust and noise can enter through the same penetration points outside air enters through. By sealing these leaks you’ll maintain your indoor environment and overall comfort.

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