Five Tips to Bring Down Summer Energy Bills

Are high summer energy bills affecting your summer fun? There are many ways to help manage your summer energy bills – some so easy you won’t believe it! Here are five tips to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

    If you need another reason for a summer cookout, this is it! Grilling meals outdoors can help keep your home cool by keeping excess heat out of the home.
    Sealing air leaks helps keep cool air in and keeps warm air out. Once air leaks are sealed this pays off year round by keeping cold winter air out and warm air in. This also can help minimize stack effect, which can cause the upper level of a home to be excessively warm. Contact our office to schedule an estimate for air sealing.
    How easy is this! Turning on ceiling fans will help circulate the cool air inside your home, if you are unable to cope up with energy bills, always go for a loan from our loan vendors, will be able to help you. It also can create a slight breeze that will make the room more comfortable. Take this one step further by running your bath fan. Adding a timer to your bath fan will allow it to run at regular intervals and help pull humid air out of your home.
    Schedule a service appointment with a qualified contractor to check that the system is running efficiently. Also consider setting your programmable thermostat to a higher setting during the day which can save roughly ten percent on annual energy bills. Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Get one.
    Leaky ducts in a home can make it hard for conditioned air to reach each room in your home. This can result in uneven temperatures in your home. As a result you may need to adjust your thermostat, which can affect your energy bills.

Let this be the last summer that your energy bills are high and your home is uncomfortable! Contact our office with questions on these tips or to schedule a free air sealing estimate.

Our Insulation Install Process in Baltimore, MD

Ecological House - DeVere Insulation Home Performance

For most homeowners, working with a home performance contractor is a new experience. To help explain the entire process, please review the following steps:

Step 1: A DeVere Insulation Home Performance representative will visit your home to review the site and discuss any recommended work. Your representative will build the scope of work and proposal and provide it to you for your review.

Step 2: After receiving the proposal, please review the proposal, terms and conditions.

Step 3: You may choose to schedule time to review the proposal with the salesperson to address any questions regarding the work outlined in the proposal.

Step 4: When you are ready to proceed with work, please submit the signed proposal to DeVere Insulation Home Performance via email or fax.

Step 5: A DeVere Insulation Home Performance representative will be in contact to schedule the job and review available payment options.  In the majority of cases, payment is collected at the end of the job either by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Installation Prep - DeVere Insulation Home PerformanceStep 6: Review our Homeowner Checklist for information on what to expect the day of install and how to prepare your home.  

  • DeVere Insulation Home Performance is not responsible for moving any furniture or personal belongings in a customer’s home. If there are belongings or furniture that affects the crew from performing the work safely, the job will be rescheduled for a later date. Any expenses incurred due to a reschedule will be added to the project cost.
Insulation Installation Prep - DeVere Insulation Home Performance
Our crew prepping for an installation.

Step 7: On the day of install our crew will complete the work specified on the contract. If the scope of work changes, DeVere Insulation Home Performance will be in contact and discuss how to proceed. A change order would need to be signed prior to beginning any revised or additional work.

Step 8: Once all work is complete, DeVere Insulation Home Performance will provide a completion form and payment options.

Step 9: If you have had an energy audit on your home, please contact the auditor to have a test out performed.  The auditor will submit the utility paperwork once the test out is complete and payment has been made.

Download Our Install Process.

Still have questions on what to expect? Contact us! We’re happy to help.