Worker installing blown-in insulation in an attic.

Three Reasons to Insulate Your Attic with Fiberglass

When you think of upgrading your home’s insulation, the attic is often the first area that comes to mind. Air ...
Mold on a white wall.

Three Ways to Minimize Mold

Mold in a home can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and builders. Mold can affect indoor air quality, ...
Closeup of a thermometer on a hot day.

Five Tips to Bring Down Summer Energy Bills

Are high summer energy bills affecting your summer fun? There are many ways to help manage your summer energy bills ...
Photo collage of pollution, bottles of cleaners, and a paint brush.

What You Don’t Know About Your Home’s Air Quality

Did you know the majority of our exposure to air pollutants is from indoor air we breathe? You may be ...
Women using a fan on a hot day.

Why the upper level of your home is unbearable during summer, and how we can help.

Everyone knows the basic principles of warm air and cool air – warm air rises, cool air sinks. You can ...
Call Us Today graphic.

HPWES Rebates Are Changing! Here’s What You Need to Know.

The utility rebate program that has been available through Home Performance with Energy Star is changing next month. If you ...
Home icon with green recycling arrows.

Our Insulation Install Process in Baltimore, MD

For most homeowners, working with a home performance contractor is a new experience. To help explain the entire process, please ...
Closeup of a man cooking food on a grill.

Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

Are you ready for summer and secretly worrying about your summer energy costs? Many homeowners experience higher than necessary energy ...
Exhaust fan.

Why Your Home Needs Proper Ventilation.

Today’s green building techniques are resulting in tight building envelopes. This allows homes to be more efficient than ever before ...
Baby crawling in front of an air vent.

How Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Do you think most of the pollutants you breathe come from outside your home? Think again. The majority of our ...
Insulation versus New Windows graphic.

Why Upgrading Your Attic Insulation is More Cost Effective than Replacing Windows

When considering home energy upgrades, many homeowners look at two projects: insulation or windows. There are many conflicting messages about ...
Women outside sneezing.

Dreading Allergy Season? Air Seal your Home!

Spring is in the air! If you suffer from allergies, you may know that better than most. Spring means grass ...
Texas Roadhouse Gift Card.

The DeVere Home Performance Customer Referral Program

We love helping our customers save money on their energy bills, and strive each day to provide excellent service. We ...
Stink bug on a white background.

Get Rid of Stink Bugs for Good!

A STINKY SITUATION Like many Marylanders, you may find yourself struggling with stink bugs this spring. Keep in mind, the ...
Small house model, piggy bank, and blueprints.

Want the Biggest Bang for Your Remodeling Dollar? Insulate!

For the second year in a row, Remodeling Magazine ranked “adding attic insulation” as the top “bang for the buck” ...
DSIRE graphic.

Local Rebates at Your Fingertips!

Energy upgrades are a great way to save money on your energy bills and make your home or business more ...
Thermometer in the snow.

Steps to Take Today to Prepare Your Home for Winter

It’s easy to overlook preparing your home for winter – but it can cost you in high energy bills, equipment ...
Water falling on a frozen copper pipe.

Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter!

When homeowners get ready for winter, it's common to think about attic insulation, windows and similar areas that can be ...
Long, big and dangerous icicles on a brick house roof.

Protect Your Home from Ice Dams This Winter

What Are Ice Dams? The icicles hanging from your roof may look pretty, but they may be a sign of ...
Worker installing insulation in an attic floor.

How to Choose a Commercial Insulation Contractor

With any project, time is money. This statement is even truer when it comes to a commercial construction project. With ...


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